Neue Produkte

T series

Series of supports entirely in aluminum with a characteristic broken straight line shape. Their innovative strength: the grafting of the support in the milling of the shelf and the blocking of the shelf by means of an elastic steel clip , so no fixing elements are visible.

The series presents different models to be used with shelves of various thicknesses and depths. In addition to the vastness of the proposed models, the industrialized production process allows customization based on the size of the shelf.

By choosing the model for 25 mm thick shelves, they can be combined with the W Series supports in order to satisfy further compositional needs. Also proposed in ‘optical-steel brushed aluminum finish’ , they meet the aesthetic requirements of the market and have a high resistance to atmospheric agents.


FDC self-standing system

The new FDC system: for modular self-standing structures that can be customized according to one's own needs. A principle that allows you to save up to 70% of wood compared to the same applications in a traditional wardrobe, making the most of the available space. Different functional solutions can be adopted, such as dividing rooms with reduced size, with a double-access structure without any need for plasterboard walls.

Thanks to the high modularity of the system, the FDC composition can be closed by doors, modified at any time and integrated by the wide range of related accessories.